Da Sheng Men

School for Chinese martial arts

Da Sheng Men 大聖門 stands for a martial art that looks back on a long tradition. Our school teaches a form of so-called monkey boxing 猴拳, which goes back to the mythical monkey god Sun Wukong 孫悟空. His heroic deeds were described in the famous Chinese epic “Journey to the West” 西游记. His myth lives on to this day in the pop culture of Japanese anime (e.g. in “Dragonball”).

Traditional kung fu in Berlin

The training in our school is based on the traditional martial art, which has been passed down from generation to generation within the Aw 胡 family for centuries. The school in Berlin was founded in 1995 by Thomas Quehl, who has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years.

Fun while training

People from 10 to 61 years old who share an interest in challenging martial arts train with us. The focus is on aspects of body control and self-defense. We pay attention to individual strengths and weaknesses: You set your own limits, the goals are defined by the tradition of our system. However, it is also important for us to have fun during training.

Going through life healthily

The overriding goal is to become and remain healthy. This is why traditional Chinese medicine is also an important part of our martial arts training. In addition to martial arts, the training therefore also teaches various techniques from Chinese medicine such as massage techniques. In addition, various forms of QiGong 氣功 are taught.

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